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Tue 28 June 2022
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Victim Support


Victim Support is the national charity giving free and confidential help to victims of crime, witnesses, their family, friends and anyone else affected across England and Wales. They also speak out as a national voice for victims and witnesses and campaign for change.


They are not a government agency or part of the police and you don't have to report a crime to the police to get their help. You can call them any time after the crime has happened, whether it was yesterday, last week or several years ago.


They have offices throughout England and Wales and they run the Witness Service in every criminal court.


Help for victims


If you have been a victim of any crime, or have been affected by a crime committed against someone you know, Victim Support can help you find the strength to deal with what you've been through.


Their services are free and available to everyone, whether or not the crime has been reported and regardless of when it happened.


They are not part of the police, the courts or any other criminal justice agency and their trained volunteers offer:


  • someone to talk to in confidence
  • information on police and court procedures
  • help in dealing with other organisations
  • information about compensation and insurance
  • information on other sources of help


If you have been a victim of crime, you can call their Supportline on 0845 30 30 900 or you can visit their website at or simply click here.